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University of Cape Town

Diploma Mental Health
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South Africa


Nothing prepares you for the chaos of a Friday night in a South African hospital trauma unit. Many doctors will attest to the fact that it’s not just the patients that come out scarred. Which is why I was surprised to take  solace - and even find enjoyment - in the process of carefully matching the jagged edges on stab wounds, or repairing cuts on already heavily scarred faces. I kept thinking to myself, “Perhaps this one will heal without a scar.”  It was in this context that my appreciation for the art of physical restoration began. A career in aesthetic medicine was simply the culmination of my realization that we are not helpless in the fight against the traumas of life; against stress, premature aging and physical deterioration. The way we treat ourselves now can make a difference. I did the Allergan Botox course in 2009, then joined the Renewal Institute in 2010. Seven years later, in March 2017, I made the decision to start my own practice so that I could focus more specifically on my particular areas of expertise.

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In my family, people are always more important than things. The same goes for my aesthetic practice. 25% of all profit from skin care sales is donated to Common Good. It will be used to fund initiatives that support early childhood development, education and reducing unemployment.

Cape Town Practice: AlphenAesthetics.co.za, Alphen Estate, Constantia

Durban Practice: Columbia Crescent, Mount Edgecombe Country Club Estate, Umhlanga

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